Ashleigh {Thunder Bay Birth Photography}

April 18, 2011 - Leave a Response

As we’ve grown and expanded our business we’v


Outdoor Rinks {Thunder Bay Photographer}

January 12, 2011 - One Response

It wouldn’t be Northwestern Ontario without outdoor rinks on every corner. I didn’t even know these existed until after I moved here. Growing up in a small Vancouver Island town didn’t afford me the pleasure of experiencing winter activities in the great outdoors. We had to invent things like ‘ice blocking’ (you must know what I mean) and resort to rollerblading if we wanted to play ‘hockey’ outside in the ‘cold’ winter months. It makes me laugh now when I remember how I used to complain about the bitter cold….even though I’d wear my flip flops year round. So it’s a real treat for this skating-loving gal to get to go to an outdoor rink and skate my heart out for FREE! Thank you City of TBay.

The other night Nik got an itch to try some new stuff out and so he enlisted the help of local models Dan & Ryan (you can find them on fbook). Check it out, I’m pretty sure these are some of my favourites to date.

Kim & Jarret {Thunder Bay Photographer}

January 4, 2011 - One Response

These two. They are in love. And they have a dog. So what better thing to do on a Saturday than take pictures of them?

This was my first time at the tree farm and I loved it! It made me wish I had a dog so I had an excuse to go there often. I guess I’ll just settle for taking pictures there.  For now.

Kelly & Melinda {Thunder Bay Wedding Photographer}

December 28, 2010 - Leave a Response

Hello Blog Land!We trust you all had a very Merry CHRISTMAS!!!

Wedding season has long gone but we saved this post to tickle your fancies whilst awaiting for the upcoming 2011 weddings! We’re pretty excited about our ‘to be’ brides and grooms. Each couple brings with them a bevvy of personality and we can’t wait to show you their love as we see it through pictures.

I was 5 days away from a due date at this wedding. And while I was pretty tempted to post a picture of me that Nik snapped, 9 months withchild crawling in a field, I restrained myself. Who wants to see that anyway? It’s not like y’all could use a good laugh or something. Right?


Happy New year to you!!!!

Well, now that’s something! {fiorito foto = ilo photo!}

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If you’ve ever previously perused this little corner of the interweb, you’re likely staring at your screen a tad puzzled. You may be asking yourself, “Didn’t I go to the fioritofoto blog?” or “What is ilo photo?” or even “This isn’t a recipe for waffles!”

The truth is, these are all valid questions, because you did indeed go to the fioritofoto blog, and you are indeed looking at a header that reads “ilo photo” and yes, we did in fact enjoy some delicious waffles last night that we would gladly share the recipe for.

fiorito foto = ilo photo

Yep. We’ve changed our name. “ilo” is Finnish for words like ‘joy’, ‘delight’, and ‘glee’, and we thought that if our clients could feel any emotions while looking at their freshly delivered images, well, we think those would be some good ones to start with.

So thanks for checking us out! The blog will remain at for a while so that the big G can still direct searchers looking for fiorito foto to our online home, but our new website can now be found HERE (the new address is .

We’re pretty excited about this change, this kinda-new/kinda-the-same direction we’re headed, and this opportunity to meet even more amazing people and take pictures of them.

Fiorito Foto will remain live as well, as we’ll be transitioning that name and website to house our corporate, event, and photojournalistic endeavours. Of course if you find yourself on either one of our pages, we’ll do our best to link you to where you need to be.

You can now get in touch with us by emailing, and we’ll be posting up our new phone # as soon as Tbaytel gets all that sorted out.

Now go check out that flashy new website!